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Easy Fall Party Ideas

While Halloween parties are very common, a fall party is more fun and celebrated the entire season. This is a fun and easy way to celebrate the fall season at school, church, or at home without having to get completely spooky. A fall themed party is also a way to celebrate one of the most beautiful seasons of the entire year. With some creativity, harvest filled colors and a little bit of d├ęcor this party can be the talk of the season for the seasons to come.

Decorations can be fun and filled with the fall colors everywhere in the room. Colors will illuminate the room with tons of brightness and fall festivity. Yellow, red, brown, and even orange can be all around the room in many ways. If the fall themed party is going to be inside, consider having gourds and pumpkins that are placed on tables or along the walls for decorations. These gourds and pumpkins can be phony or real, that is your choice as it is your party.

If you are unable to find any pumpkins that are in season, consider making these pumpkins instead! Not only are they cute but you can get be as creative as you would like with the fabric. Items such as hay bales and scarecrows also can make the perfect setting for a party this season, either inside or outside the home.

The Dollar Tree has a wide variety of decorations that are perfect for a fall party. They have plastic cups, plates and silverware for dining. Not only that but they carry tablecloths, and fun decorations for the walls and table such as glitter pumpkins and fall leaves to scatter along the walkway. Seeing as fall is all about the fallen leaves, and the beauty of nature and its foliage, these leaves can also be scattered along the tabletops or around the house miscellaneously.

Fall parties are not only about the decorations but about the food served. A menu can be things such as roasted pumpkin seeds or even zucchini bread. Chips, pretzels, and popcorn balls are also a common party snack for fall parties. To go a sweeter route, consider serving caramel apples, or having a candy buffet bar. Seeing as fall is also a time for Oktoberfest consider serving bratwursts, sausages and beer.

While a party can have great decorations and wonderful food, activities are equally as important. Have a pumpkin carving contest, bob for apples, and paint pumpkins instead of carving for the little ones. If the fall party is an adult only party, consider trying some drinking games or board games that are 18+ that can be fun just remember to drink responsibly! For a fun and easy activity that both adults and children can love at this fall party consider making a Leaf Placemat.

How to Make a Leaf Placemat

Materials Needed:
Contact Paper
Colored Paper (if desired)
Glitter (if desired)
Glue (for use on colored paper)

1. Collect leaves from outside
2. Place leaves and glitter if used in desired pattern on bottom piece of contact paper
3. Place top piece of contact paper onto the leaves and press out until smooth.
Enjoy your new placemat!

*If using colored paper, follow the above directions but glue leaves onto color paper then take contact paper to place on top of the leaves.  Next flip over and place contact paper sheet on bottom of mat. Presto!

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