Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Easy Ways to Decorate a Dorm on a Budget

College is getting ready to start and you are ready to start the first step towards true independence and adulthood. Now that you have your own schedule, you can eat whatever you want (or can afford), and have the time of your life (as school permits) you may have forgotten the most important thing, your dorm room. Your dorm room is your personal and maybe shared abode. There are four walls, a ceiling, and floor that are nothing but a blank canvas to the eye. Decorating your dorm room does not have to be a hassle any longer with these simple tips to get you started.

Art: Any type of art work can spruce up a room quickly and give your walls a splash of something to look at. Consider going to a local thrift store or garage sale to see about finding some vintage paintings to put up on the walls. If paintings are not your style, consider placing photographs on the walls using some artistic designs. Pinterest is chalk full of photograph display ideas. Click here for some prime examples on how to create your own collage of photos.

Craigslist: While it might sound like a scary thing to do, this is actually one of the best ways to find cheap furniture without leaving your home. Look in the classifieds and see if there are some people trying to get rid of old furniture, after all some of them may have recently graduated college and no longer need it. Also look around bulletin boards to see if anyone is selling or giving away any piece of furniture or items you may need for decorating your dorm.

Avoid overstock: Sometimes when we move out our families or even ourselves want to be sure to have some of everything, this can be a problem. While that multipack of 60 paper towels may be a great deal, does your dorm room really have enough room for that many towels? Often new college students will buy whatever they need in bulk so that they don’t run out but forget there needs to be somewhere to put things. Everything should have its place, especially with how small some dorm rooms can be. Consider your usage vs. cost before buying anything that comes in a multipack. This will not only save space, but may end up saving you money in the long run.

Friends and Family: Do your friends or family have anything they are willing to give away? Hand me downs are a great way to cut costs for a new college student moving in to their first dorm. Your friends might have some old bookshelves, seating, cds, or anything that you can have that they don’t want anymore. Turn someone else’s trash into your golden treasure. Does your Grandparent have an end table they don’t like because they keep bumping their knee? Ask them if you can have it for your dorm. A simple coat of paint can turn any table into something new by upcycling. 

If you still want more dorm decorating tips remember Pinterest is full of many ideas that can be DIY decorations to tricks and tips on where to find some good bargain items. No matter what you decide on, remember it is your dorm room and you can continuously change it as you see fits, whether it is your mood or simply you want to decorate seasonally. Feel free to be as creative as you want, and express yourself.

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