Monday, August 25, 2014

Moms' Night Out Movie Review

Every day is filled with kids, the constant worry of what will happen and how exactly the Mom will deal with it this time. While there are sometimes helpful Dad's, best friends and the Pastor's wife, it is not always enough. Allyson (Sarah Drew: Grey's Anatomy) recently has found herself having a lot of MOMents, that are causing her to lose her cool and feel overwhelmed and unhappy with her role as a Mom. While Allyson would do anything to keep her children safe, happy and a beautiful home, she finds herself needing a little break and in desperate need of a Moms' Night Out.

During a book club meeting which she asks her best friend Izzy and the Pastor's wife, Sondra. via text if they are in for a fun night out on the town. Since she got an awesome Groupon the ladies all agree it could be a fun night to leave the kids with the husbands and enjoy themselves a little ladies' night. All the while their husbands are a little nervous about being at home alone with the kids and the only Mom who seems to be having trouble leaving the home behind is Allyson. With a little mishap with their reservations their night becomes a little more difficult then originally planned.

Will Allyson and the other Moms be able to make the night into their perfect night, or will things get worse from there? 

Intrigued? Good! You should be. This movie is a great pick and will make you feel such joy about all things motherly and family oriented. While I am not a mother myself, I thoroughly felt connected with Sarah Drew's character and the many problems she faces on a daily basis. She wants to feel happy and content in her every day life but something seems to be missing from it.

Even in the midst of it all she finds herself able to look to her friends, her faith and even new acquaintances to make it through one of the worst nights possibly in her life. I admire Allyson's character and I can only hope that if I do become a mother I can keep myself together like she tries to.

While you may or may not believe that God exists you can look past this portion of the film and feel the warmth and love of a family. This moral of the story in my opinion is that no matter how bad things might get, anything is possible if you hold your head up and never give up. Whether it be that you want to start a new family, start a blog or even just get your husband to find friends that are more grown up, you can feel something with this movie.

God is Not Dead in this film and I highly suggest that everyone watches it. It doesn't matter if you are a Mother or not, the cast is wonderful and this really is a wholesome film that the entire family can watch. No curse words and no nudity.

Have you seen the film yet? What did you think?

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  1. Thank you for the excellent review of Mom's Night Out. I will put it on my "snowbound must watch" for winter.