Monday, August 11, 2014

Women Should Carry Condoms Too

Sex is something that almost all women think about, and  if you are serious with someone or even thinking about it, contraceptives are important and should be used. Rather than not carrying a condom in your purse just in case, it is time to start.

The truth is a woman buying condoms or even carrying them is considered slightly taboo still. This is a rather absurd notion as we are now in the year of 2013 and more and more contraceptives are available over the counter or at a local gas station. Women also have the right to be protected from the possibility of STDs and unplanned pregnancy as much as men have the right to decide to carry condoms and practice safe sex.

Safe sex is something that every person of a consenting an emotionally ready age should be carrying. While men and women may not plan on having sex with their boyfriend, husband, they deserve to have that protection ready and available if the time arises and their lucky guy has forgotten his or there is something wrong such as it has expired.

Though safe sex is sometimes an obvious part of relationships and dating, it is important to keep in mind that you talk with your partner about this before actually taking that first action to start an intimate and physical relationship. Will you two be using birth control or simply using condoms? Sexual health and contraception is also something to talk to your physician about.

They may be able to give you free condoms, or provide a location at Planned Parenthood that can help with contraceptives and other help with sexual health.  If you are unable to make an appointment with a physician there may be a local clinic in your town that is like Planned Parenthood that can provide condoms and these types of services.

Through media nowadays shows that there can be repercussions if no sort of birth control is used. Look at the dramatic reality TV show Teen Mom and the movie “Knocked Up”. Both provide examples of how if a woman had a condom and remembered to use it, there may have been a prevented pregnancy.

Even with the safe sex classes that are often introduced in middle school ages, or discussed with parents both men and woman can forget how to use contraceptive condoms appropriately. For some common misuse of condoms visit live science and reading up more on what not to do.

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