Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Encourage others to use Public Transportation

People take public transportation every day in order to get to work, job interviews, or simply to a friend or family members home. Whether it is by train, Amtrak, bus, or greyhound services, public transportation is everywhere. With the availability of public transportation it is a shame that the masses are not taking advantage of it.

By taking the bus or another form of public transportation yourself you are able to experience the process and share your knowledge with others. This simple step can make friends, coworkers, and even family members want to ride the transportation as well. For instance there are some Megabus services that run great specials on long trips between states. This makes it great to visit family members for cheap without the expense of flights or cramped seating arrangements.

By telling others about your amazing experiences they may consider taking the public transportation as well which will essentially help take more cars off the road and reduce pollution in the air. Who wouldn’t want that?

If people are a bit afraid of public transportation because of the so-called weirdos out there, remind them that most places have security guards present and almost all the public transportation's now have cameras in them. If it is a big concern they can be like the many teenagers or adults that ride the bus and bring a book or listen to an mp3 player to avoid having to chat with their neighbor. For the most part, on public transportation everyone sticks to themselves unless they know each other.

Not only are these great reasons to ride public transportation but also think of the amount of money you will be saving. With gas at up to $4 price to a gallon, spending that $4 on an all day pass is a lot better. This will not only save you from having to constantly refuel your vehicle but you will be able to spend that money on something nice for yourself or your significant others

With these reasons it’s a shame that more people do not take the public transportation that is offered to the world. With these simple reasons it really is not hard to think of a reason why people shouldn’t ride public transportation. The only downfall that people may have is that it might take longer to get from point a over to point b, but with planning it can be easy to get there in no time. Contact your local public transportation center and find out about all the services available in your area today.

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