Monday, September 29, 2014

Pick up your Sales by being Charismatic

In the sales industry charisma is one of the most important traits a salesperson can have. If a person is trying to sell something to someone else they are not only selling the item but they are also selling themselves and their personality. A friendly, happy, charismatic person will surely receive more sales than a person who is grumpy and not at all ready to appear to be friendly with their clients.  Listed below are examples of how to upgrade your charisma and make that perfect pitch for your best sale yet.

Charisma is a quality that provides magnetism to that person and will provide you with people wanting to be around you and get to know you. For those who are already your friends, coworkers, or family, they might already have that feeling of your amazing charismatic attitude. Think of how you communicate with friends and family for a moment. Do you find that you are often making new acquaintances easy? You have already developed your own portion of charisma.

In sales the power of charisma is not only about making that perfect pitch, it’s about how others perceive your personality.  Being more welcoming and achieving positive attitudes towards customers will help cause customers to feel more trusting and often raise the amount of sales. This is a powerful tool that will help you feel more confident in your amount of sales as well.

Your coworkers, boss, clients and future clients will all see your charismatic attitude and begin to flock around you. Your personal traits may inspire them to work on their own sales pitches and cause them to confide in you for tips. This will not only help you in the sense you will be able to achieve a better relationship with your coworkers but you will notice even they are becoming more charismatic with their own customers. A happy company that provides a bit of pizzazz to their customers not only shows a great supporting team, but will open the business up to more customers as the happy ones share their experiences with friends and family.

If you are looking for tips and tricks on how to be more charismatic there are a wide variety of self improvement books available on the market. For example Tony Alessandra provides a book completely about charisma and achieving the success that is desired.

Even with charisma being important to be a great salesperson, it is also important to remember to work on your charisma in all aspects of your individual life. This will not only help you in turn work on your interpersonal relationships but help you achieve charisma in all aspects of your life making each interaction easier and help ultimately with your sales pitches.

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