Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Top Field Trip Ideas for Residents of San Diego Calif

Parents and teachers are striving to keep inspired learning from field trips. It is no secret that school districts across the country, including those in San Diego, Calif., are struggling financially. The best way to make certain a child gets exposure to the knowledge needed to pass the educational standards for science and social studies is for the parent to plan family field trips geared to encourage questions while providing answers.

There is an interesting assortment of cultures in this area. A number of field trip ideas can explain the history of San Diego County while covering the Department of Education standards for each grade level. Parents have the opportunity to learn with their children. Since all ages like to share exciting discoveries and events, other students, neighbors, and friends will benefit from hearing about this second-hand knowledge.

Balboa Park is filled with many wonderful places that should be added to any field trip bucket list for this intriguing city. Designed with elementary school-aged children in mind, the Reuben H Fleet Science Center offers information that is interesting to everyone! There are a number of films that show the beauty and wonder of nature, such as the Grand Canyon and habits of butterflies. Learn more about astronomy and how the city gets its water. Kids and adults enjoy the variety of hands-on learning about science.

The San Diego Natural History Museum has been educating the children and adults of San Diego County for years. Family Day takes place throughout the year. It is hosted by the instructors and staff of the museum's education department.  Halloween and fossils are examples of what the special event might cover. Crafts and experiments make lasting memories that will remind all ages that history is interesting and enjoyable.

Satisfy the quest for knowledge about flight and space by visiting Space Museum. A model of a hot air balloon from 1783 and actual restored aircraft such as the Spitfire Mk. XVI and an A-4 Skyhawk jet show the finesse pilots and crew needed during combat.

What is more beautiful than a lovely garden arranged with artistic talent in honor of the link between Yokohama and San Diego? The Friendship Garden is excellent for teens and older, or any type of art class. Art students will want to note the lovely shades of colors that mark the beauty of downtown's Balboa Park. The cultural music adds to the calm feeling when walking through the area.

Parents and children will enjoy learning more about the history of law enforcement in San Diego, Calif. Located in Old Town, the Wm. B. Kolender Sheriff's Museum offers a unique view of this important public service. Motorcycles, cars, and examples of jail cells over the years define the years from 1850 through today. Children enjoy using the siren and playing with real handcuffs. This year's holiday greeting card can feature a picture of the whole family locked up in one of the cells.

There is a field trip waiting to happen around any neighborhood. Take the kids to the local high school's football practice. Call local government offices and associations to find out when open meetings are scheduled. It is a great way to introduce older children to the way government works. While other teens the same age are struggling to understand Rules of Order, those who have seen the rules in action will remember how the process has kept meetings running smoothly for decades around the world and in San Diego, California.

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