Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Clean and Organize your Kitchen Cupboards Easily

Spring cleaning, deep cleaning or cleaning in general can become a pain in the butt if everything is done at the last minute. The best place to start the cleaning and organizing is the kitchen. Organizing the kitchen cupboards does not have to be hard to do. Follow the steps below and get the most organized kitchen cupboards you have had in your life.

To start these processes take everything out of the cupboards completely. This is the easiest way to make sure that you have everything that you will be going through taken out of the cupboards. Once you have removed the items from the kitchen cupboards it is time to start sorting through items and seeing what you have in your inventory.

Before you get started you may want to use cleaning products that will allow you to wipe down the kitchen cupboards of dust and debris. This will not only help your cupboards to look nice but will keep them smelling freshly cleaned for some time. Wipe down the cupboards with cleaning product and let them air dry. It is a good idea to keep your window open while using cleaning product, and if you have a mask to wear during these chemical usages, wear it for safety purposes.

Now that you have wiped down the counters you are ready to start sorting through your items. Take a look at the expiration and best-used-by dates on boxes, packages and canned food items. These are important. If you notice something is due to expire within a few months then place these items together by type, vegetables, boxed items, etc. Anything that is left aside from these begin putting them in groups in the same such order.

Do you often bake items for your family or friends? If you notice items such as brown sugar, granulated sugar, or flour is taking up too much room in your cupboard try buying canisters and spice rack holders to keep these items organized and put together.

Choose one shelve for each type of items. Place boxes together and align by date, with the last to expire in the back and face all soon to expire items of the same type in the front for first usage to avoid spoilage. After you have placed all boxes and canned foods, and ingredients in their own place and have organized them together in groups you have a beautifully organized kitchen cupboard that your friends and family will appreciate.

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