Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Get your Dresser Organized

Having an organized dresser is as important as having an organized closet. Not only will this help one to be able to go through the drawers with ease but they will also be able to feel the pleasure of having a specific spot to put everything away. The best way to start organizing dresser drawers is by first removing everything from the dresser, and then slowly going through each item to make more room inside of the dresser drawer. This means emptying all the contents, and purging the junk drawer of its junk.

First thing, it is important to empty the drawers of all their contents. This will create a way to put things back in to the drawer. Once you have the drawers emptied of all of its content, begin putting the items in to different piles. Clothes can be separated by pants, undergarments, shirts and blouses, pajamas, and of course socks. If there is a basic dresser inside of the room then this should be enough for each of these clothing items to have their own drawer. If not, combine undergarments and socks in to one, same for blouses and shirts.

Once you have your clothes separated in to sections, it is important to begin going through these items and realizing what you truly wear and what you do not. If you have a miscellaneous sock that has no match, it’s time to throw this sock away. If you have socks with holes, or any other clothing item that does not fit or you do not wear it, place these items inside of a donation bag. A plastic trash bag would be a good thing to have during this purging session, one for your clothes, and another for trash items.

Great! Now that the clothes have been sorted and separated the next thing to do is reorganize and put everything back in to the dresser drawers. An easy way to remember this system is to use a label machine, or pre-cut labels and putting them on the dresser front. These labels can be great for children, or even to get in to the habit of keeping yourself organized.

As it can be seen purging and reorganizing a dresser drawer is a great way to keep the clothes in order, as well as your dresser. By keeping it organized and getting things settled the dresser will remain organized, your mind will be peaceful, and you will have no trouble finding things in that dresser drawer.

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