Monday, October 20, 2014

How to plan an Animal themed birthday party

To host a magnificent animal themed party can seem much like a challenge but with a simple how-to guide, it can be a simple, fun and exciting party for all ages. Generally animal themed parties are for small children, but can also be for the older generations as well. The first and very most important thing to remember is this, the party that has been planned, can still have unexpected things happen so it is best to be prepared for extra guests, mishaps, or even a small accident to happen. Being prepared is the best thing that a person can do for a perfect animal themed party.

Which animal is going to be picked for the party is the very first step. Whether it be  lions, tigers or bears, the animal must be chosen first and foremost. Once the animal has been decided it is time to pick out the invitations for an RSVP, pick out the decorations, and pick out the party foods to be included. For example, if the animal picked for a theme was a panda, the ideal invitations would be in the shape of a panda, or even could be made at home using construction paper, glue and pictures of pandas cut out and glued on to the front.

If the guests of the party have any allergies to foods it is a good idea to know ahead of time, so asking this on to the invitations is also a great idea so that it is known when ordering the catered food, or creating the snacks and food at home.

The decorations for an animal themed party should be based around that animal or animals chosen. Again with the panda reference, pictures of pandas, or posters of pandas could be put around the room, or on the table as place mats. If the party is for young children, animal ears or masks could be made for them to wear during the party, this could be fun for all ages! With the popularity of animal hats, party goers can also wear their favorite animal hats to stay with the theme.

As far as foods and snacks go for the party, think of the people coming. As mentioned above, if there are any allergies, have things that everyone can eat. If there is something with those ingredients that you could bake, or want to make, be sure to have it labeled with what it contains so that there are no accidents. It might be best to avoid these items altogether though. Things that animal might eat would be a great idea as well to have in the party. Such as banana chips, cheese cubes, fruit strips, cut up fruits and veggies are also great to have. Have a healthy and nutritious animal party.

All in all, it is important to remember to have fun and make the party a place of joyous occasion. It is always important to have a camera nearby as well so that everyone can take pictures of the party. This is an event that should be remembered, for the fun time it will be.

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