Sunday, October 26, 2014

Save Time Raking Leaves with five Tips

Yard work can be tedious, hard work, and time consuming if not done properly. With reading this article a person will be able to save time when raking leaves in the yard. Through four easy steps it is possible to rake the yard use the leaves and debris and finish all yard work in a short time.

*Correct Rake*
By num_skyman
Choosing the correct rake for the type of yard work that needs to be done is very important. While there are different types of garden rakes, the correct one will help a person get the yard work done easily. Choices between a spring brace leaf rake, a pivot leaf rake, or a wet and dry rake are all examples. Aside from the different types of rakes, having a rake that is the correct length for an individual’s height is also a factor. Having one that will be comfortable for the person and easy to use will help make the raking project go faster.

*Know where the leaves go*
If not using the leaves for compost then putting leaves into a barrel or a trash can is also an option. This will eliminate the mess of trying to bag the leaves into their own lawn and leaf bags. An easy way to put the leaves into the barrels, bag, or compost bin is to use a tarp. Rake the leaves on to the tarp, then move the tarp to the location and dump the leaves.

*Pick the right day*
Picking the right day is important when it comes to raking leaves.  By choosing a day that is not windy and cool, not only is a person eliminating the chance of the leaves blowing astray, but also maintaining that they will not become overheated while outside doing yard work.

The temperature of the day and the time of the day are crucial when it comes to raking the lawn. Raking in the morning early or later while the sun is starting to set are both ideal times to rake the lawn and save time.

*Rake every few days*
One of the simplest ways to save time raking is by doing it every few days. Not only will this help eliminate time from each yard work session, but will help keep the leaves off the ground. The more often that the yard is raked, the less leaves will be on the ground allowing the yard to be maintained easily.

Using these four simple steps raking leaves can take a lot less time on any given day of yard work.

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