Thursday, October 23, 2014

Why is Journaling a Good Idea?

Keeping a diary or journal is an easy and personal way to achieve great health benefits both for the mind as well as the soul. Journaling is something that many famous people have done in their lifetimes as well. Oscar Wilde, once said “I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read on the train.” This is a true statement that many should follow. While having a journal may seem like something children or teenagers do, adults may also keep journals.

According to Psychcentral, keeping a diary accesses the left side of the brain which is the analytical and rational portion. While this is the case, your right side of the brain is left to be creative and free, releasing feelings and true emotions. To write in essence, is to use both parts of your brain. Allowing yourself to write down these feelings and thoughts allows you to remove any mental blocks, or problems you may currently be having, in order to free yourself.

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Journaling not only helps you release these feelings but it can help to work through intense feelings or problems. Writing down your thoughts, even for only a few minutes can clear the mind and help to better understand the internal mind. Journaling can also help a person to know themselves better and give them clarification on life decisions that they have recently faced or things they are trying to work out.

Another example of how keeping a diary can give health benefits is by allowing a person to reduce stress and avoid disagreements. By writing down these feelings and releasing them, you are relieving the tension or anger that may be held in. Rather then fighting with a significant other, a parent or a friend, writing down how you feel may help you realize the feelings are anger, or if they are a simple difference of opinion.

Keeping a diary can not only help to get those creative juices flowing and help work through problems but it too can help bring some structure to your life. By setting aside about a ten minute period each morning or evening to write in your diary you will be giving yourself a way to have a healthy habit. To get the good and the bad out within the day can not only keep your mind calm but give your mind a clear head space before you start your day, or end your day to fall asleep.

All in all, it is important to remember that keeping a diary or a journal can help keep your mind clear and give you many health benefits dealing with your mind. Whether that diary be online or offline, it is important to remember your thoughts are your own and they are precious, good or bad. So why wait, pick up a journal today and start reaping the health benefits and clear your mind and soul.

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