Sunday, January 18, 2015

Get Started Early With These Spring Cleaning Tips

Get ready ladies and gents, it's beginning to be that time of year again....Time for SPRING CLEANING! You know what that's time to turn up the tunes (and maybe bring out some wine?) because it's time to kick butt and clean the house this spring. There are many checklists for cleaning, but most of them are all the same types of things. I decided I wanted to share how I get kick started on my own spring cleaning. So from my life to yours, here are my spring cleaning tips to get you started this year. 

The Kitchen 
This is the room that can be the most dreaded next to the bathroom. Nobody wants to admit it, but cleaning out the kitchen can feel like an overwhelming task. There is a lot that has to happen for the kitchen to get organized, clean and still be manageable during the cleaning process. 

Most like to tackle the refrigerator first. This is an often scary task as sometimes things found in there don't look quite edible, or maybe have some yucky green stuff growing on the side of it. For these reasons and because it's safer, a pair of gloves should likely be worn. In order to start with the fridge it is best to start with checking the dates on everything, Anything that is expired should be thrown away. Anything that is near expiration should be moved up front to be consumed asap. 

I like to do the condiments and the side door first in order to get rid of anything old or almost empty. Most the time, I find that a lot of my condiments are almost completely gone, or have expired before I had used them. It stinks when this happens, but sometimes it does. 

After checking the dates and throwing out any old food, it is time to pull everything out of the fridge (freezer too) and unplug it. The next step would be to get some decent cleaning products and clean the fridge of any spills or dirt. If you notice the light is out, make a note to replace that as well or put in a maintenance request if you are in a rental.  Once the fridge is completely cleaned let it air dry. 

Lastly, reorganize your fridge in any way you like that is good for your family. I personally like to have things in containers to try and stay as organized as I can.  

Next you may want to move on to cabinets. I have already written something to help more on organizing your kitchen cabinets as well, that is located at the bottom of this post.

Every day homeowners and pets are dragging dirt on to the carpet when they come in from outside. Even if your home has a welcome mat that everyone wipes their feet on, it still happens. What does this mean for your spring cleaning checklist? It means it's time to dust off that vacuum and blast away the dirt. No matter what your vacuum style is, be sure to clean the filters or empty them if it is a basket style. 

Once the floors have been vacuumed, the next step can be shampooing the carpets (rugs too). This can be done with a shampooer rental, on your own at home, or by professional carpet cleaners. No matter what route is chosen, this will give all carpets a fresh clean feel and look. Often shampooing can make carpets appear brighter. As an added benefit, homeowners can also sprinkle carpet freshener for extra freshness. 

Inside & Out: Windows
Windows are a simple way to get started early on this year's cleaning extravaganza. If your home has window treatments that can be laundered, it's time. These can be done at home or be professional dry cleaners, ALWAYS READ THE LABELS before attempting yourself. I can guarantee that as a former dry cleaner employee, this happens a lot more than you would believe. 

For the window treatments that aren't fabric, take a duster and or lightly vacuum them with the brush attachment. This will not only help the blinds look better but it will help those who suffer from allergies. 

Windows at this point may not be washed on the outside and inside with window cleaner. Windows should be cleaned when sun is not directly facing the home. This will prevent streaking and create beautiful windows.

If you are like many in this technological age, you might prefer an app to help you out with spring cleaning. Well don't you worry!

iPhone spring cleaning apps are another wonderful way to get ready for this cleaning spree. SheKnows has a wonderful list of the best apps for the iPhone. If your phone has Google Play, then you are set as well. This spring cleaning app is rated 3.5 and seems to be popular among users. If that particular app is not your style, there is a list of many similar apps below the information section.

No matter how or when you start your spring cleaning checklist, be sure to always remember it takes time. If you're still looking for more information on getting organized check out some of the posts below from fellow bloggers. Let them know The O'Malley Review sent you.

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  1. I never did any spring cleaning last year, so I really need it this year. Excellent tips!

    1. I'm sure you'll get it done this year. Hopefully with these tips you'll be one step closer. :)

  2. These are really great tips and the app sounds terrific. I need to clean out my fridge.

  3. Thanks for these great tips! My approach to Spring Cleaning is generally all over the place. I needed this.

  4. I totally agree that I dread cleaning the kitchen...and it always needs to be cleaned! I need this app!!!

  5. I love spring cleaning! Reorganizing things and cleaning them down always makes me feel so good! Do you have any recommendations on natural cleaning products or essential oils to clean with?

  6. I agree that the kitchen can be a HUGE task especially when you have a huge kitchen and lots of gadgets. I like to take it one cupboard at a time that way I don't get overwhelmed.

  7. Why can't my kitchen stay organized and spotless year round? This reminds me to do my windows. My guest room windows haven't had a thorough cleaning in a while!

  8. I try to stay on top of things, but with three little people working against my cleaning it can be tricky. I need to start my spring cleaning.

  9. Unless the app actually comes over here and does it, it won't help! LOL I hate cleaning, I think that's why I travel so much, just to avoid doing it!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  10. I need to start my spring cleaning early. My house needs a good once over! Thanks for the tips.

  11. Spring cleaning and I don't seem to get along very well. I try, but it doesn't always work. I live in an old farmhouse that never really looks or feels clean no matter what you do.

  12. I've never actually unpinned my fridge to clean it, Also, I like the idea about just dumping most of the condiments. It's a cold box, not a time machine! Food doesn't stay good forever.

  13. I need to get on this now, before spring comes and it's too pretty out to clean. Nothing like an early start, right?

  14. I just cleaned windows today. :) Now I've got to get the kitchen cupboards rearranged and cleaned. :)

  15. Love these fabulous ideas!! We just moved into a new house so while we unpack we are decluttering too.

  16. Great tips! It's always good to get a head start. Makes it less intimating than doing it all at once.

  17. These are great tips! I actually love spring cleaning!

  18. I'm impressed that there is a spring cleaning app! These are great tips. You're right, the kitchen can be OVERwhelming!

  19. I need to clean so bad! The ceiling fans and baseboards are so terrible and I'm just too busy!

  20. I also plan to start my spring cleaning procedures a bit earlier this year. There are a lot of things I want to maintain in my home, so I want to have enough time for everything!