Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Positivity all Around

Did you know that yesterday was a #‎DayOfPositivity‬? I think it really must have been one for me, even though I did not know it. Things have a way of looking up or being positive at the most opportune times. 

For example, yesterday my Grandma and I went out, but I wasn't feeling so good. While we were out, we had some wonderful lunch and happened to stop at the local JoAnn's and got some crochet hooks, and a couple other things. One of which was this awesome vintage Coke puzzle that I'm excited to do and frame. While this itself was awesome and I'm happy for it, that was not my only happy happenings for yesterday.
After I came home a friend of mine offered to stop by and say hello for a few minutes. When he came over, he was telling me more about his fire spinning skills. I told him I would love to write a post on him and the things he offers during part of his shows. I've seen some of his videos online and they are amazing.  He actually told me he would love that because I might be able to reach a wider net of people than he, as we do run in quite different social circles.I'm quite excited for this, and I can't wait to share it with my readers and the world.

So I would say my happy happenings for the #DayofPositivity were the following:

1) Getting a new puzzle with my Grandma.
2) Having a friend and performer allow me to write about him.

Curious about more on this idea? There are plenty of ways to do this for yourself as well. The year just started and we all deserve to look back on the happy things. 


  1. How exciting to write about fire spinning! It's always nice to write about what other people do. Stay positive.

    1. I thought it would be really fun to write about to! When I finish it up, be sure to check it out. :)


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