Monday, January 26, 2015

Show Review: Tahoe Players Presents: Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is a classic fairytale that everyone of any age can enjoy. The Tahoe Players dance studio with the help of Tristan Selzler (musical director) and the brilliant orchestra have all brought their own additions to the classic tale in their performance of Alice in Wonderland. 

As Alice goes on her adventure through this performance, we meet our favorite characters who have been brought to life by the entire cast. I had the experience of being able to view the 8 o’clock show and I have to say this was one of my favorite renditions that I've seen of Alice in Wonderland.

While going through the story these actors and actresses gave us a look into the classic story and added their very own twist by using songs that went along with the play's dialogue beautifully. As mentioned in my previous post, Tristan and the group brought their own unique take on music to this performance using both vocals and a talented orchestra.

While my family, friends and I (plus other guests) were enjoying the show we all found ourselves singing and tapping our feet along with the song numbers. Each number was as beautiful as the next.

Flowers, was sung where Alice meets but of course the flowers and they come to the conclusion that she is nothing but a weed. The kids involved in this moment were so darned cute, I couldn't help but sing the tune aloud with them. Even my friend mentioned how adorable they were, not to mention talented. Everyone involved did absolutely magnificent during their numbers.

Before the shows final scenes the group sung even more songs that brought joy to guests all around. "I am the Walrus" by the Beatles and then as the show closed and Alice went back to reality, "Go Ask Alice" was performed. All of these were fantastic. I can't really choose which was my favorite song choice. Each song chosen was perfect to go with the storyline. It was a great musical score, Tristan and Lily did a brilliant job timing everything perfectly and blending it all together. 

Overall I was highly impressed with the entire performance. I look forward to viewing another Tahoe Players performance as soon as they have one. 


After the play, I caught a glimpse of a moment that I don't think the little girl in the picture will ever forget. Her mother was telling "Alice" that this was the first play she had attended. The young lady who played Alice than did something I did not expect. She took one of her own roses and gave it to the little girl as a gift. Talk about serene. It gives me hope for the future generations, and who knows, maybe that little girl will want to be just like Alice and perform in her very own play someday.

Meet the Cast
Alice (2PM Showing) - Melina Zacharias 
Alice ((8PM showing) - Adrianna Nance 
White Rabbit - Hannah Mills
Mathilda - Karen Miranda
Dinah - Lucy Shoen
Cheshire Cat - Mary Schoen
Caterpillar/Carpenter - Caleb Dixon
March Hare / Walrus - Victor Schoenfeldt
King / Humpty Dumpty - Kaiden Regan
Queen of Hearts - Kimberly Regan-Schoenfeldt
Mad Hatter - Sha'vonne Oruh

The Flowers:
Starla Maclellan
Gwen McDonald
Jackoby Schoenfeldt
Hannah Mills 
 Adrianna Nance
Melina Zacharias
Lucy Shoen
Bethany Mills
Karen Miranda

The Cards:
 Lucy Shoen, Starla Maclellan & Bethany Mills

Meet the Orchestra
Tristan Selzler - Music Director, Trombone, Keyboards, loop station
Jordan Keach - Bass
Tyler Cravines - Drums
Joe Berger - Guitar
Catherine Matovich - Violin
Karl Busch - Woodwinds
Alex Caneles - Bass Clarinet
Jeff Dredarian - Trumpet
Eric Johnson - Saxphone

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