Sunday, January 11, 2015

When the Game Stands Tall: Movie Review

When the Game Stands Tall is a wonderful movie based on a true story, about the De La Salle Spartans of Concord, Calif. This film features a look at Coach Lad (Jim Caviezel), as he is known for, and his sermon like pep talks and speeches. While the film gives a sense of the sermon feel, it is a heartfelt movie that even the most non religious person can enjoy the message from.

Coach Lad takes his game approach is that of any coach but with the strong will of brotherhood and having a teammate’s back and always pushing yourself to achieve goals. While this is how he leads his team, his home life isn’t the same. His wife (Laura Dern) is unhappy that he is always coaching and hopes that he will take on something less and be a family man more. Much like many of the films in the like, this movie makes this team out to look like an underdog, however they were anything but until they hit their slump. During the year, the coach has a heart attack from secret smoking, a teammate is shot and killed during a horrific event, causing them to lose only two games in the season.

Mr. Ryan (Clancy Brown) has an altercation with his son after the loss, showing just how important this team losing can really be in the neighborhood after such a long winning streak. In order to help the team feel more at ease the group takes a trip to the Veteran’s Hospital to learn life’s lesson on body and spirit and becoming rehabilitated. While this movie is about one thing, the moments of watching this group deal with the lessons and  also have fun talking with the Veteran’s. One of the Army veterans shares with the kids that the “brotherhood” is the most important thing. 
When the Games Stand Tall is a very football auctioned film, so don’t worry fans, you can hear the crunch sound that we all love (or hate). Viewers may have noticed the majority of the young actors portraying the football players but did you notice Alexander Ludwig, who played Cato in The Hunger Games? 
I’m a sucker for these types of movies. I’ve never understood much about sports, but I love the movies about them. I especially love the movies that bring the story of a triumphant team. I love the heartfelt speeches, and the heartfelt moments. I love the idea of seeing a movie that will help me feel uplifted and ready to conquer the world. 

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