Tuesday, May 7, 2019

10 Reasons to be a Girl Scout

The Girl Scouts were founded by Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low on March 12, 1912 when she brought together a group of 18 girls in Savannah, Georgia. With the goal of bringing isolated girls into the world these scouts would not only help with their community, but these girls hiked, played sports, and went on camping trips as well.

As the Girl Scout organization grew, more young women learned what it meant to be a true scout. There are now over 59 million women in the United States that are alumnae according to their official website.  This number continues to grow each year as young girls join every year in order to form friendships, help their community and live by the Girl Scout Promise and the Girl Scout Law.

Seeing as I am a former Girl Scout myself, I can say that there are many benefits to being a part of such a wonderful organization. Below I’ve included 10 things I have learned from being a GS, and the things little girls all over can learn from being a part of this organization.

1. Community Pride: This is an important part of growing up as a GS. Girls are often giving back and improving the world around them. Learning to become a part of the community is a great way that girls can not only give back to their neighborhood, but feel a sense of an accomplishment. One of the highest awards that can be received as a scout is the Gold Award. This award is earned by dedicating 80+ hours to a project that benefits not only the community but beyond. This award is one of the highest honors a scout can earn, and also looks wonderful for a college application.

2. Sense of Accomplishment: Girl Scout cookies are not the only thing that can lead to a sense of accomplishment. Girls from the time they are daisy scouts can earn badges for things they do within their community, home, and yes by selling cookies. These badges are than sewn onto their sash or vest and can be shown off filling girls with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Along with these badges there are also pins awarded for every five years a girl is a member.

3. Get crafty: Who doesn’t love a good craft project? Girl scouts are often learning new crafts that can be fun for any time of the year. There are many Girl Scout crafts that can be done with girls of any age. A lot of the time troop leaders will think of some crafts to do during weekly meetings, or during special events like Jamborees and campouts.  Crafts are a wonderful way to allow young girls to think on their own, create something beautiful and learn a new task.

4. Self Confidence: Young girls are often comparing themselves to other girls, models on television/magazines and the like, taking away from their own sense of self worth. Women of all ages are doing this and it’s a sad thing. With the scouts, girls will learn how to be more self aware and proud of themselves. They will be able to use things such as selling cookies to their advantage when it comes to being confident. Many girls who were a part of scouts often become more confident and are able to be someone in a place of leadership, business management, and public speakers. There are plenty of ways to build confidence inside and outside of troop meetings as well.

5. Look past differences: One of the exciting things about Girl Scouts is that there are many people from different races, religions and cultures. There are also members who may have ailments or disabilities but that does not stop them from being a part of something wonderful. Girls in troops learn to embrace people’s differences and look past them. This is one of the best things that the scouts teach in my opinion because it does help girls become better examples to others on avoiding racism, stereotyping, or intolerance. While the troops are mainly girls, men can also be a part of Girl Scouts as leaders, volunteers (much like a Den Mother). Heck, many boys often join their sisters at events or during meetings that their parents might be hosting.

6. To Embrace You: Girl Scouts give girls a way to be aware of who they are inside and out. Whether this is through a girl’s religion or personal appearance, leaders and peers will encourage you to embrace who you are. It doesn’t matter if you have flaws like being a terrible dancer, a big nose, or knobby knees. Nobody is going to care because you are a wonderful, beautiful young lady who deserves to be loved.

7. Learn more about different Cultures: Along with embracing yourself, GS often teaches about different cultures as well as our own here in the States. This is a very important part of embracing others in the community and the world. With the world of technology and how it has advanced, not only can girls discuss and talk with other girls from different world cultures, but they can ask questions and learn more. There are also events that can be held that allow girls to create and study dishes on different countries to share with others. This is often referred to as an Around the World event.

8. Songs! Campfires and S’mores: One thing that all GS members can agree on is that camping is one of the most fun things a troop can do. It involves getting together with other girls (sometimes whole troops) and having fun. Often at campouts, girls will get together and sing songs, share s’mores, and have a time they will never forget. The memories that girls will have at these outings will last with them a lifetime. Not only is it fun but girls can also learn and earn badges based on their new found skills such as building a fire, tying knots, and setting up their own tents. Who says girls can’t be outdoorsy?

9. Leadership skills:  These skills are not only wonderful but will help girls become empowered young women in the future. They will be able to lead other classmates in projects, themselves during chores and with friends to make the right choices and avoid peer pressure. Aside from learning how to be a leader among their peers, girls will also learn how to become leaders within their troop. These leadership responsibilities may even create future Girl Scout leaders.

10. How to be a true friend: Girls can learn how to be a true friend to everyone they encounter in life. Whether this is a new acquaintance or old friend; girls will create bonds that nobody can break. One thing that happens is being a part of the group allows girls to learn how to work through problems and be honest with one another to avoid any confrontations, and create long lasting friendships.

Don’t these all sound like wonderful things for young and older girls to learn and have as a part of who they are?  I know, I for one will never forget the things I learned from being in the scouts, and even after all these years I still have a few of my vests and sashes tucked away to look at and remind myself of who I am and what I accomplished. 

Interested in joining? To become a volunteer, troop leader or enter yourself or daughter(s) in the organization, more information can be found by clicking HERE.


  1. My daughter was a Girl Scout and I was the leader of her group. We both had a great time!

  2. I was never a girl scout growing up so I didn't know any of this. It's good to see the core values of a place before you sign up.

  3. I was never a scout and don't know any. However, I've always thought it sounded like a great organization to join, except the cookie sales which seem to be extensive, but not benefit the individual troops much.

  4. I was a Girl Scout and I loved it. My son is a Cub Scout and he loves it. :)

  5. Scouting is such a blast! I certainly learned a lot and it never ends. If you missed it as a kid, you can learn it now by being a leader and taking the classes that teach you all you need to know!

  6. I remember being a girl scout and loving every minute of it even though I was an introvert.

  7. I was a girl scout until about fourth grade. I remember so many of the songs and the patches!