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The Darkness (2016) Movie Review

The Darkness (2016) Movie Review

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Over the years Kevin Bacon has starred in many films that people have enjoyed through the continuum of time, however...with The Darkness, I fear, this may not be the case. While previews lead viewers to believe that this movie has promise of scares and thrills, it is a bit of a lackluster. The entire film is an entire amount of wasted space as viewers are left bored to death before any real scares come to life. Having said that, I caution you, to watch if you dare.


The film begins with the Taylor family on a vacation in the Grand Canyon. While camping alongside their friends, the families don't notice that something has gone wrong. The group of kids decide to go on a hike and leave the younger son Michael (David Mazouz) alone and he falls into an underground cave. Here Michael finds stones with special symbols on each top. These become his own special treasure, and the family goes back to their regular lives. 

The Taylor family is no ordinary family, the youngest daughter has a deep dark secret that she hides underneath her bed. The mother, Bronny, has a bit of a drinking habit, and the father we'll say, has his own new set of problems. As the family begins to deal with these secret issues coming out, they learn of the stones and after quite some time of aimlessly wandering around the house, we learn more about these "shadow" people. For some sanity, and some time saving, the shadows are simply there to deploy dark forces into the lives, much like the most current obsession of "ghost" stories and "haunted house" films. 
While "The Darkness" may have been hopeful to scare, it unfortunately again keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, from falling down into slumber land. Mr. Sandman plays a role in this film as it does drag on. Towards the last half hour though, the movie picks up and we learn exactly what's happening, how to fix it, and where to go from there.

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