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The Ouija Experiment Movie Review

The Ouija Experiment (2011)
In light of the newest release of the 3ed installment of The Ouija Experiment; I thought I would take a stab at watching the first movie in the Ouija series again to give it another shot. Needless to say I'm not disappointment. At first I could vaguely recall if I had seen the film before, but then it was like a set of three spoken rules, jogged my memory for me. Those set of rules are as follows:

1.  You should “never ask a spirit how it died.”
2.   You should “never ask a spirit how you’ll die.”
3. “You should never leave the board without saying goodbye.”

Always remember Number 3....


"The Ouija Experiment"  2011 Movie Review

This can't be good...

“The film you are about to see is based on true events.”

Wait a second...I think we've seen this before, haven't we? A Group of friends gets together and decides to play with a Ouija board...what could go wrong? You might be sitting there thinking to yourself, okay... this movie starts off a little slow and let's just be honest B-O-R-I-N-G!

But...if you're like me you've stuck it through the beginning banter and have noticed there is now a game going on. A game that of course, which is not really a game but a guide and a gateway between our own realm and the realm of the deceased. Ouija Boards are not your average game.

Fun fact: The Ouija Board was first located in a toy shop in Pittsburgh. (Smithsonian)

With it's Blair Witch Project feel and it's handheld recording shots the entire film is done from a first person view. For those of you whom experience motion sickness get your Dramamine ready and out. You're gonna be dizzy. With it's first scenes we meet Brandon, a goober of a filmmaker who is a YouTube wannabe in the making. He thinks he will impress his few subscribers by recording this event and more for his vlog. His friend Shay, are in route to meet their friend Michael in order to make a documentary film featuring them and Shay's boyfriend Calvin.

Instead of being pleased everyone is immediately uncomfortable and tries to back out of the situation but instead of sticking with it, allows it to continue listening to the rules. Simple, don't ask how they died, don't ask how you die, and of course...the most important, don't leave without saying goodbye. It's not that hard...is it?

Brandon, being the great honest guy he is *scoff* decides to rig the camera to record the group attempting to reach the unknown spirits that might be around. As the group tries to communicate, they make contact with a couple different spirits. Each ask a basic question until Calvin takes a phone call in another room. Shay, noticing him acting differently decides to take a shot at the questions herself and this ghost is willing to tell Shay more than she bargained for as we learn of a new girl that he is talking to...talk about drama! Who would have thought a Ouija board would know about girl code! *wink*

Sometimes it helps to have a friend...who knows..stuff.

Shay upset by his actions leaves the board furious that someone has ruined her night and her relationship, and not thinking of the rules of course they both leave. Uh oh spaghettios! What in the world were they thinking leaving like that without saying goodbye...guess that sucks right? Instead of leaving for concern in their friends, the rest of the players stick around and see another word spelled out; b-e-d-r-o-o-m, it says and of course the three go to check it out.

Ruh Roh!!! Nobody has said goodbye! Why oh why don't these people ever listen to the rules. They're all in trouble now! So of course, noticing things are astray in the room they go back to the board and promise to play with the board tomorrow night in order to say goodbye. So instead they gave the ghosts a good ole SEE YA LATER ALLIGATOR.

Joseph and Gracie...what a duo.
As the movie progresses there are more scare tactics and of course, we meet the ghosts themselves and learn more about their lives. One of the most interesting things about this movie is when they start to connect the dots for their connections to these ghosts. You wouldn't believe the plot twist, even if I told you what it was. What's even more entertaining than that is the fact that even after this knowledge they still do not communicate with each other what is happening. Oh goodness me, Charlie Brown.

Can I just say though...children ghosts are one of the creepiest in the scare world. There is just something about a haunting child that makes something that much more terrifying. Look at The Ring, The Grudge, Etc... This movie makes Gracie no different. Gracie is not just a child, she's an innocent child. Instead of scaring her haunt half to death, she simply changes a few things and his perception of the bathroom. Good thing it's not permanent, pink is not a good color for him.

All in all though, I do give this movie a solid 7. I mean let's be real the acting could have been a lot worse. The special effects weren't that awful considering how low budget of film this movie was. For being made in 2011, I have to say...I think it was pretty good. Not to scary, but definitely deserving of a sequel or two. In fact, included below is a link to the preview of The Ouija Experiment 2. 

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 The Ouija Experiment 2 Movie Review Coming soon!

Click here for the Ouija Experiment 2 Trailer.


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