Saturday, May 20, 2017

L'Oreal Paris Colorista Bleach, Highlights Product Review




 L'Oreal Paris Colorista Bleach, Highlights

A Product Review

Disclaimer: All items were purchased on my own and all opinions are original.

Recently, I was visiting my local Walmart and I found myself wandering down the hair color aisle. I've been craving something different for my hair for a while now and I kept finding my mind wander to having lighter hair. I get tired of having dark hair all the time, and it was time for a nice summer change too. With Summer 2017 headed our way, I decided it was time to take the plunge and do it. 

Much discussion and decision went into what I wanted to do. I was found with all sorts of options including but not limited to, bleaching and redyeing my entire head a solid color. I decided after discussing it with my Mom who happened to be there too, I would try the highlighting look. I won't lie, I ran the idea across a few people from my job at Forever 21. I figured between everyone else going the highlight route, I would too. So I did.

I came home and found myself looking at the box thinking, okay...I can do this. I'm ready! I opened the box and found myself with everything I needed for my adventure in hair land. As I opened the box I won't lie I started to get anxious, because the last time I lightened my hair, I looked not so great. We won't talk about that hair disaster. 

So I decided to follow the directions to the letter because lord knows nobody needs to see me with orange hair again! I went on and dyed my hair and I knew it was going to be an adventure. I went ahead and put on a show I've seen a million times so that I would have something to listen to while I was doing the heavy duty handy work. I used the highlighting brush to begin putting my highlights on but I had some problems with the highlight kit brush actually saturating my hair properly. 

The highlight kit came with a brush and perfect directions though. It was as simple as squeezing the product onto the brush, and brushing it into the hair to create the desired effect. In my case I wanted some small strand highlights much like the model on the box. What I noticed was that it didn't turn out quite that great when I did a few test strands. After doing each layer, I decided to use the excess developer and put my own mini highlight strands throughout my hair. I wanted to see if this was easier, and it was. It was so much easier, I ended up doing that. Sorry L'Oreal. *shrugs* There's not much I can say about the brush except, it might be better for short hair.

I probably should have done that to begin with if I'm being 1 honest with myself, because those peices actually came out the brightest. While, I waited the entire 4 minutes to let my hair process, I should have kept it on longer to lighten a bit more. Instead I decided to wash out my hair, and let the desired effect, be whatever it came out to be. In my case, it actually came out pretty spot on to the color on the box! I was pleasantly surprised. So, once I let my hair dry, I decided to take a selfie, and let me tell you, the proof is in the picture. My hair has an obvious highlight, and I'm ready for summer!

In about 3 weeks I will be using another highlight kit, to get a few more DIY sunkissed streaks in my hair. I'm excited because this is the first time I've been letting my natural hair grow out, so this actually is going to help me in 2 ways. Lightening my hair at home and by blending my natural hair color with the processed and growing hair that I will be trimming each month.

I feel beautiful, that's all that matters to me. So, thanks to this product, I feel ready for the summer season, and ready to go to the beach.


If you're looking for an affordable highlighting kit for doing your hair at home, check out your local
Walmart for your own kit. In my area it runs for roughly $10 after tax. With a little bit of patience and free time on your hands, it sure beats paying $70 or more for the same style. Remember though, when doing hair at home; results might differ from that of a professional stylist. DIY hair at home can cause some unwanted problems that may end up in a trip to the stylist anyway. 

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