Saturday, May 18, 2019

Say Bye Bye to Summertime Blues With These 10 Activities

1. Go on day trips to somewhere local, or within 50 miles in distance. Try AroundMe app
2. Take a trip to the local Library
3. Cook a new recipe together. (Try something from Betty Crocker to Taste of Home)
4. Go out for a hike or walk in the neighborhood and talk about what you saw.
5. Have a family book club. Everyone reads the same books.
6. Have a late night slumber party where kids and parents sleep in the living room. Fall asleep watching movies.
7. Let them join the Boys and Girls Club or some other organization like Girl or Boy Scouts.
8. Have a back yard BBQ with the entire family and let them invite their friends and their friends' family too.
9. Play a Family game on the household's game console. Get everyone involved.
10. Go see a movie that everyone can enjoy!

Have your own thing you do with your kids to beat the summertime blues? Feel free to mention it in the comments.

Looking for even more family fun that will get everyone moving? Try playing some Pokemon Go together. For instance, here in Reno we have a great Pokemon Go group, where players can coorespond and give tips on where to find specials like shiny pokemon.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

10 Reasons to be a Girl Scout

The Girl Scouts were founded by Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low on March 12, 1912 when she brought together a group of 18 girls in Savannah, Georgia. With the goal of bringing isolated girls into the world these scouts would not only help with their community, but these girls hiked, played sports, and went on camping trips as well.

As the Girl Scout organization grew, more young women learned what it meant to be a true scout. There are now over 59 million women in the United States that are alumnae according to their official website.  This number continues to grow each year as young girls join every year in order to form friendships, help their community and live by the Girl Scout Promise and the Girl Scout Law.

Seeing as I am a former Girl Scout myself, I can say that there are many benefits to being a part of such a wonderful organization. Below I’ve included 10 things I have learned from being a GS, and the things little girls all over can learn from being a part of this organization.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Get Off My Lawn! Game Review

As of lately +Steam brought a new free to play game to players worldwide. This game is called Get Off My Lawn! In the beginning of the game Murray and his dog are asleep on the couch when something mysterious arrives. When he opens the door he finds himself greeted by a blue alien who is trying to make peace and say hello by giving him a gift.
Isn't this little guy cute?
Unfortunately for this alien race, Murray is not having it. As the game begins you find yourself on the porch playing as Murray watching his lawn with his shotgun as more aliens try to approach him. The objective of the game is quite simple, shoot the aliens (poor little guys) and keep them from reaching your porch. 

During the game you will shoot the aliens and try your best to keep them away. Each time you recieve orbs that are worth different amounts. In the bottom right hand corner are three advantages, I like to call them lifelines; Cane Time, Infuriate, and Soundwave. These can also be purchased in the shed (main menu) to empower Murray even more. The objective is clear, keep the aliens from reaching the porch, but the more times you do well the higher your multiplier.
As each level progresses the little blue guys get more difficult to control. They have vests that have rocket packs. They move before you can shoot, causing you to miss. Some of them are stronger than others and take a lot of bullets.

If for some reason they do reach your porch Murray has three lives before he is abducted and the game ends. Your orbs do turn into money however which allows you to buy upgrades for your weapons and home. These upgrades do come in handy as the game progresses.  I've struggled to get past level 7 myself  - I'm hoping to get some of these upgrades soon!
I've noticed since I started playing this I can't seem to stop. It's just a fun little time wasting game and it's great for hand eye coordination. I tend to use space and the arrow keys rather than the mouse. It's easier and I feel like I have way more control. I'm really having a lot of fun with it and between it and +Plants vs. Zombies I'm having a lot of fun playing these tower defense games.

For a little tower defense game this is a really fun game and offers achievements (bragging rights) for those who own the game. Looking for the game to play? Download the steam client here, and the game here. The game is free and who doesn't like free games?

Are you a fan of tower defense games?

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Grey's Anatomy Saddest Moments

Grey's Anatomy is filled with so many intense moments inside Seattle Grace. These moments were captured beautifully by all the actors and actresses involved in them. It's not hard after watching the series multiple times seeing why it is so captivating. While I am now personally on my third viewing of the series, I still find my heart tearing into pieces at some of the following scenes. Even if you haven't seen the series, watch these scenes. They are done with such an elegance. 

If you have watched the show and think that there should be more moments added to this list, feel free to let me know.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Make It! Wednesday: Chicken Enchilada Zucchini

Have you ever stumbled upon a recipe that looked so good that you had to share it right away with everyone you know? That's exactly how I feel about these Chicken Enchilada Zucchini boats from Cooking Classy. I have to say, after simply seeing the picture, my mouth is watering. How about yours? What a fun and healthy way to get a good meal and get everybody eating healthy.

Click the link here for the entire recipe: Chicken Enchilada Zucchini

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Songs to Clean the House To

I've said it before and I'll say it once again, music is KEY to cleaning the house. Every time I get ready to clean the house I turn on my "clean the house mix" (such an old school name, I know) and get down to the dirty work. I thought since I've said it so many times that instead of just simply saying play a bunch of upbeat music, I would instead provide you my lovelies with my very own full proof cleaning playlist.

My list is about 30 songs, so I'll list them rather than linking them all individually. It has some current tunes, some old tunes and even some Disney tunes. I like to listen to a little bit of everything when I clean. Each of these songs not only puts me in a good mood but really keeps me feeling motivated.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Spring Manicure Ideas

Nails are meant to be beautiful and kept up with. While some women like to get their nails done at a salon, some women prefer to do them on their own. Whether you are skilled enough to do your own nails (bravo to you!) some of us aren't so handy and need someone else to work on them for us. Personally, I'm all about getting my nails done when I can afford it or I'm in the mood for something special. Below I've gathered 6 nail design trends that I think would be perfect to recreate for this Spring season. They're fun bright and colorful, just like the Spring season brings us with it's blooming flowers and shrubbery. Tell me in the comments which ones are your favorite(s)!

Pink, White and Grey, okay?

Wednesday, March 13, 2019


Zombeavers Movie Review

Two dimwitted drivers Joseph (Bill Burr) and Luke (John Mayer) hit a deer and it splatters all over the windshield. This deer has also caused them to drop some nuclear waste into the river. The intro of the film gives some fun and eerie music that can bring viewers the nostalgia feeling of a cheesy b-rated horror movie from the 80s.

Cutting to it's next scene of Jenn (Lexi Atkins) cleaning herself up after a bad fight with her boyfriend, Sam (Hutch Dano) she joins her sorority sister's Zoe (Cortney Palm) and Mary (Rachel Melvin) for a girls trip, with their stuff and a dog, no boys and no texting for a weekend. Next they reach Ashwood, where a man has already been attacked by a mysterious creature unseen to the viewers eye. The girls arrives at their location which is Mary's cousin's cabin. 

Sunday, March 10, 2019

The Pregnancy Project Movie Review

"I'd rather be dead than pregnant. It's the same thing 'cause your life is over anyway." 

Gaby tired of hearing the stereotypes and things that people say about girls in her neighborhood getting pregnant in high school, she decides to do her senior project on something meaningful. As a student who has a lot of potential and plans to graduate high school she wants to do well on her senior project, so she goes a step further and does a social experiment on the repercussions of being pregnant in high school.

  "Only someone incredibly stupid would let themselves get pregnant."