Thursday, June 9, 2016

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

My WCW is Kitty Corsair

I have to say that my #WCW is definitely my bestie, Sara a.k.a. @KittyCorsair_

Having said that, I dedicate this blog post to her. She has become such an important part of my life, that I know I wouldn't be who I am today, if it weren't for her. She has helped me change my life for the better in so many ways. Some ways bigger than others, but even the smallest of things like taking me to the ER, when I thought I was sicker than a dog, and waiting hours with me. It's all  the small and the big things that make her a wonderful person. I can't explain it.

She's my bestie, she's my other half

We're both horror fans. (Spoiler Alert: We're talking about starting a Horror themed Vlog!)

We're beautiful.

Even when we're "Ugly" for things like the Zombie No Brainer Fun Run.

This blog is for you Sara. You're kick ass.

Want to get to know my Sara? View More of her Photos

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Monday, May 23, 2016

A Girl Like Her (2015) Movie Review

Click play below to watch the Movie Trailer

 Movie Review

Bullying has become something so unbelievably sad and increasingly popular among teenagers throughout the years, especially as technology has grown. In the movie "A Girl Like Her," there is an ominous feeling as viewers watch the story of a girl, who attempts suicide as a result of being bullied by another young girl. 


While the movie is a variety of footage between a hidden camera and a documentary feel, this film gives an almost eerie feeling. Amy S. Weber did a job well done with the realism behind some of the movies darker scenes. Much like the very first scene in which we met Jessica Burns (Lexi Ainsworth), a young sophomore student, she opens a medicine cabinet and takes a large amount of pain killers. This scene told from Jessica's point of view, is decieving as the true shot is from a pin she's wearing concealing a tiny camera. 

Why do you ask is Jessica wearing a camera? Viewers learn that six months earlier Brian (Jimmy Bennett) is given this as a way to document her bullying. Much to her first concerns, she continues to wear the pin. Through flashbacks and hidden footage, viewers get a look into the dark secrets that she has hidden from the world. 

With more time throughout the film, viewers meet a reporter who is trying to get deep down and find out the truth behind this attempted suicide.  Working with every single angle a director can, there is no point where this film seems as if it's not documented or captured through the found footage. Visually it was done well, and mixed together nicely. 

The truth is, this is a deeply impacting film. It will make you think about the times you may have seen bullying and not done anything. It might even make you rethink some of the ways you talk to your kids about the subject. Bullying is not something that can be easily forgotten, for those who do make it out of high school 'alive.'

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Battle Ranch: Game Review

Much like Get Off My Lawn and Plants Vs Zombies, +Steam has given gamers another tower defense game, "Battle Ranch."

In this new game from developers players find themselves at their beautiful ranch along the seaside. While the ranch is being taken care of by you, suddenly a group of evil boars come to take over your ranch and steal your livestock! Nobody wants to lose their ranch to evil boars, right?

Your ranch has different fruits and vegetables, and even sheep, chicken and cows. As a ranch owner, you are to do your best at protecting the farm by planting vegetables and harvesting them in order to earn money for weapons. These weapons will keep boars from invading. The boars that invade come in a variety of types and they do get more powerful as they progress. With over 216 levels and mini games, players have a lot of gaming ahead of them.

As the game begins not only can you view beautiful loading graphics, but you can get the hang of the game with helpful tutorials and tips. Battle Ranch is quite easy to grasp at first but it does truly get harder as the levels progress. I've even noticed myself that I'm having a hard time with the fairy boars and the skateboarding boars. They shoot right through my plants, and happen to take over my farm. Bummer. Luckily, players can restart the last level they were on without losing any progress. Hurrah!

While the game has only been released in February, it has had a number of good reviews on Steam. There are some who don't find it as entertaining as others, but I say try it for yourself and make your own decision.

Game Trailer

Key game features: 
Defense strategy
10 Game modes
Challenging games

Supporting Features:
Biography Book
Trophy Room
Diary Book
Hen house
Cow house

Battle Ranch can be found for purchase and download on Steam. Not only can users enjoy their game but they too can earn achievements and get Steam trading cards as well.

Would you be interested in playing this game?


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