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Friday, November 20, 2020

Social Media Growth Pods Shoutout

Almost everyone is on Instagram or other forms of social media sharing sites nowadays. With all these social platforms, the world has been able to connect in a way that is unlike any other. Whether it is because of Covid-19 and everyone #stayinghome or not, one would not be able to say for sure. The nice thing is, if you're looking to build your Instagram following, there's many groups for that. Included below are a small amount of groups which will help build your content likes, help give you followers in your niche, as well as connect you with others around the world. 

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Monday, October 19, 2020

6 Reasons "Friday Night Lights" is Still a Great Show Today.

Friday Night Lights 

1. It's Empowering

2. Can't forget the Football 

3. Who doesn't love Coach Taylor? - I mean, look at that smile 😉 -

4. Brian "Smash" Williams

5. It's got Some Great One Liners


6. Texas, Forever.

Friday Night Lights Show Preview

[Warning this trailer may contain some spoilers]

Have you ever watched the Friday Night Lights tv show before? If not, please consider playing the video above. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

10 Of The Best Netflix Movies Right Now

As we all know, there are plenty of movies to watch on Netflix. The amount of films can feel never ending between all the genres. Here I've listed a total of 10 movies that are hot on Netflix right now. These movies can almost always be found on Netflix throughout the year. If for some reason they're no longer available, still consider watching these films. There are so many streaming services available, there should be no hardships finding these to watch. 

Let's get started with the list, shall we? 

Top 10 Netflix Movies to Watch

 The Social Dilemma

This movie doesn't only give us a disturbing look into how much technology and social media affects our every day lives, but it hits home something fierce. Viewers will find themselves relating to Ben more than they assumed. Every day we use our phone, internet, e-mail, and social medias. Do you use them a lot, or simply a little bit? Actual workers and former employees of some of the top networking sites give their opinions and stories of how the extreme world has affected them. This movie is well worth the watch. 

Monday, October 5, 2020

Not today, buddy.

Today is one of those days. I'm here at home and I've been awake since 6 a.m. The truth of it is, I'm tired of being awake and lively. I'm not depressed, nor am I feeling suicidal. It's one of those days where you simply want to exist, without existing. I know I can't be the only one who has days like this. It's normal... Well, relatively normal. I imagine for some this could be a cry for help, but to me it's one of those days where I need to rant, and feel like I can. Without anyone judging, or wondering what's wrong. Whatever, you can call me Karen. Idgaf.

There's nothing really going on that I can talk about. Covid-19 has me in the same place as I was before. Covid & Me, we go back to the beginning of March. I'm still hanging around the house with relatively nowhere to go. Some of the places I enjoyed are slowly opening again, but I have not enough faith in my town, that we won't have some sort of issues with Covid-19 making a vengeance. After all, look at the current President. He's got Covid and he's going out and about in a car, greeting people! Bro, get in the hospital, don't be a clown. 

I'm so tired of being at home. I'm tired of not working, but I low key don't want a job. Can I even do a job in a mask? Probably not. I can barely wear a mask for an hour in the grocery store without feeling overheated. Hey now, I'm a little overweight still, so I'm out of shape. Nothing medically wrong with me to say I can't. I'm saying I don't like to, I prefer not to have to. So I don't have a job. Not having a job adds to me stress level like you wouldn't believe.  Yes, I have unemployment, but that's not forever, and I will get a job at some point. I'll have to.

I'm just tired. I'm tired of being tired. I'm tired of feeling tired. I'm tired of feeling like no matter what I do, it's not enough or I'm not. Maybe it is a little bit of depression. I read that happens to people right now. That they're feeling helpless and a case of FOMO. I don't really have FOMO too much, but I definitely feel helpless. 

I'm 35 in 8 days. I have nothing to show for it.

No college degree.

No job.

No kids. 

No marriage.


Guess, that's another day's problem. Who really needs that sort of stability in life? I don't. Ha. Whatever. I'm done typing for now. I have a whole upstairs to clean. I can't think about this bologna right now.

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Easy Zucchini Recipes That Kids Will Love

Zucchini is not only delicious and tasty but it is a healthy alternative for snacking too. According to the USDA zucchini is low in carbohydrates, calories and even has 2.4 grams of protein. Parents know that sometimes getting kids to eat veggies can often feel tricky, but with the following kid friendly zucchini recipes, kids will be begging for more. This is a great way to get kids eating vegetables and introducing them into a healthier lifestyle. 

Stuffed zucchini cup
Much like stuffed bell peppers these stuffed zucchini cups are nutritious and delicious. The recipe makes a total of six to eight servings, and will give your family a nutritious dinner that will leave them begging for more. This zucchini recipe is really easy to make and is also a great idea to serve at a dinner party or as a small entree for a potluck. It takes about 30 minutes to finish the entire recipe and about five minutes to cool to serve. If your family wants a little more for dinner serve with a fresh salad.

Zucchini fries
If you find that you have leftover zucchini consider following the recipe that Our Best Bites brings to the table with zucchini fries. This is a tasty and easy to make zucchini recipe that is perfect to make as a snack or to have as a side dish with a meal. Seeing as they only take about 20 to 25 minutes they are ideal to make when in a rush.

These zucchini fries are not only great for a snack and dinner but would make a great appetizer to take to a potluck or house party. They're a tasty healthy alternative that will give everyone a healthy choice to enjoy and snatch up to their liking. Finger foods and snacks are perfect for parties, and their fry like appearance will appeal to children.

Zucchini Parmesan crisps
Much like the above zucchini fries, these tasty zucchini crisps are perfect for a snack food or as a side dish with a meal. They are a healthy alternative and also give a tiny bit of crunch because of the cheese. While French fries are considered a great thing to go with hamburgers, why not try these zucchini Parmesan crisps instead? 

One serving has only 105 calories and has five grams of protein. It's a great source of molybdenum and vitamin C as well. Not only is it good for vitamin C it provides a daily dose of calcium, vitamin B 6 and manganese. 

Kids will love these crispy critters with baked cheese on top, as kids seem to love veggies with a bit of cheese added for flavor. Give this a try at your next barbecue as a healthy alternative to French fries. This will give your guests who are watching their weight another choice with the taste of something baked without the calories of French fries.

Spicy zucchini muffins
As a final zucchini recipe to use in order to get rid of excess zucchini is the spicy zucchini muffin. Not only is this a tasty breakfast item but it can be eaten at any time of the day. It involves taking two to three zucchinis and grating them with the cheese grater. 

A simple way to make a whole lot of muffins that taste yummy and also provide some nutrition. Kids will eat these up at breakfast and ask for seconds. These are perfect for on the go, in lunch bags and they're still sweet enough to be considered a dessert too. So go ahead, let the kids eat their veggies and have a few of these after dinner.

All together these zucchini recipes will not only help individuals to eat healthier, but they will help with getting kids to eat vegetables. They are all healthy tips on how to use zucchini in cooking without any trouble. All that is needed is excess zucchini and some time.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Coloring Pixels Game Review

Do you enjoy coloring as much as the rest of us? Do you like color number activities for your little ones or growing kids? Then Steam has a new game for your entire family. Coloring Pixels, is a fun and time consuming game that is a new take on a classic color by number pattern with a flare of the upcoming trend of Pixel Art

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