Friday, September 26, 2014

Retro Dating Dating Ideas for a Date from a Prior Decade

Fancy dresses, nice attire, the perfect car, the best location, the perfect date. This is something that every person desires when it comes to taking their crush, a new person in their life or the significant other out on a date, however sometimes dates can get stale and boring and people get stuck in old traditional dates of going to dinner. Instead of sticking to the normal date, throwback and go on a retro style date and have more fun then you have had in years.

Roller skating
One of the best ways to have fun, be close and get exercise all during a date night is by roller skating. If there is a local skating rink that is in the neighborhood, find out how much it costs for an evening to rent skates and come to a session. Often roller skating rinks offer a couple’s night as well as other themed nights like black light night, and throwback sock hop nights. Whatever the night is, you and your date will be able to sit back and watch others skate, go on the skate rink yourself and couples skate, or sit back and enjoy the snacks that the snack shop has to offer.

If there is no skating rink in your neighborhood take a trip to one that is close to town, or find a local walking park that you can skate around and laugh, talk and play together while having a great date night under the sun or by the beach. Skating is a great way to hold hands and glide together getting to know one another for the first time, or all over again.

Picnic at the park
A nice romantic dinner inside can be great, but a meal outside watching the sun set together is even better. Pack your date’s favorite sandwich, or order some side salads and chicken breasts from your favorite restaurant in to go boxes to pack. No matter what the snacks and meal is, add some romance to it. Bring a blanket to lie down below the two of you and eat underneath the sky. If you are in an area that has a lookout peak to look over the city or town, take your picnic there and enjoy the scenery. If this is not an option, try having your picnic on a rooftop with battery operated lanterns and candles, and set the mood.

Your date will appreciate the time and effort you put in to the picnic giving a bit of romance and adventure all together. If you are planning a romantic evening to propose, this is a wonderful idea and will get you two alone and in a wonderful romantic setting to pop the question.

Vintage soda shop
Some towns and areas have a modernized building that is designed to have a classic soda shop design. For example restaurants such as Johnny Rockets or Joe’s have a vintage 50s soda shop feel and are the perfect setting to have your retro styled date. The soda shop will bring couples back to that feeling of great easy and fun times. Filled with songs from the 50s, 60s, and occasionally 70s playing on the jukebox radio, couples can listen to good music, and feel the soda shop vibe across the scene.

Ordering a burger and a favorite malt to share with two straws, a couple can have a great meal, sit in a over sized booth with their best partner at their side or across the table. A perfect hamburger and fries can make the best date ever. The soda shop is something that anyone of any age can enjoy, younger couples or older couples wanting to get back to their younger years. Share a shake, and boogie down on the dance floor at your nearest soda shop for a perfect retro style date.

Using these various retro style date ideas, make the next night out a fun and adventurous one that both you and yours will enjoy. Dating is meant to be enjoyable and something that will be remembered in the future for the time to come. If you are stuck for any dating ideas or how to plan the perfect date it never hurts to check out women’s magazines such as Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan.


  1. I tried to take hubby ice skating once. It was a disaster! We made it around the rink once before both of us couldn't take the pain anymore. It is a lot harder when you are older!

    1. Yes, ice skating is definitely more difficult then roller skating. I like the old fashioned roller rinks because they have the four wheel skates, compared to the single line skates (roller blades). At least you two went though, that's what is important.

  2. They still have skating rinks? That's awesome! I used to love roller skating, but I haven't seen an rink in YEARS.

  3. I love a good picnic date. There's nothing more cozy than having a meal out in nature with someone you really care about.

  4. Great ideas! The harder part is finding the date! LOL

    I live in a big city but lord are the pickings slim here.

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  5. I love these ideas.. I have adult kids that I will have to share this with. It's good to change things up a little.

  6. I would love to go skating again. Matter-of-fact roller derby is a dream of mine. Over the summer hubs and I took picnic. It was amazing how something so simple just brought us a little closer together. It's easy to fall into ruts, even after a few years of marriage.

  7. Great ideas! We've been roller skating a few times and had lots of fun. A vintage soda shop would be lots of fun too!

  8. We love picnics in the park! These are great ideas!

  9. I like the idea of going skating. I miss skating. I need to find a local skate rink and take my husband on a fun date night after the baby is born in November.

  10. love the vintage soda shop idea. very fun. our first date was a hike to an old tower.

  11. I love this post! As I was reading it, the song 'My Boy Lollipop' by Millie Small came to mind. I would love to go to a retro style soda shop...that just sounds awesome!

  12. Now I am in the mood for a local restaurant that has old fashioned milk-shakes. They are the BEST!!!

  13. I haven't been roller skating in years. I even wonder if rinks are still around in my area?

  14. Too funny, my husband asked me out rollerskating last night, I told him I'd think about it. After reading this post I think I'll go! :-) Thanks for this.


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