Friday, October 10, 2014

Easy Diy Valentines Day Gifts for him

Valentine’s Day is full of romantic notions, love, appreciation and the joy of being with loved ones. If there is currently not a specific someone in your life, you may find that you would like to give something to your crush. Each of the gifts below will help you to give them something to show you care as well as something that you have made yourself.

Their favorite cookies
By marcolm
Baked goods are an excellent do-it-yourself gift for your special someone. Do you know their favorite type of cookies or candy? Find a recipe for it online, or in your Good Housekeeping cookbook and get started. Bake their favorite cookies and candies and place them in a plastic heart-decorated bag and tie with a red ribbon to keep closed.

If you’re going to be traveling a bit to give these goods to him, put them in a Tupperware box with a red lid, and decorate the lid with red and pink paper cutout hearts and tape to add decoration.

Date basket
Shannon Brown suggests placing 12 brown envelopes into a wicker basket. These envelopes will be labeled with the name of each month on the front, and inside will be a pre-planned date idea. These date ideas can be anything that you will both enjoy. Whether it is a day at the shooting range, a night out on the town, roller skating, or a retro date night, they should be fun and creative for the two of you.

“I Love…” trait book
In this fun and modernized do-it-yourself Valentine’s Day gift for him, you will be showing him everything you love about him in pictures and words. For each letter of the alphabet you will choose a trait about him you love. Look online or through pictures of the two of you and pick one for each letter. Put them all together in a photo album online or in a picture book that you have made from scratch much like a scrapbook.

This is a wonderful way to show him that you care and everything you love about him. Not only will he be able to see it but anytime he is missing you, all he will have to do is refer to the book and be reminded of everything you adore about him.

Love coupon book
Sometimes the simple gift of giving is enough. Rather than giving him a coupon for his favorite restaurant or store, give him the gift of love coupons. These can be made using simple colored pieces of construction paper, preferably red, pink and white. Using a permanent marker, write down things you would like to let him have. Whether it’s a “Go out for guys night without a fight” or “Good for a one hour neck rub,” each coupon will be valued and enjoyed by him at any time.

Make each coupon count by having them be worth something you know he will enjoy. Coupons can be anything that you feel is necessary, if you want to make it something sexy and fun then be sure to make it flirty and for his eyes only.

Each of these gift ideas is a fun and exciting way to spruce up this Valentine’s Day. A homemade gift is from the heart, takes time and effort and will bring a giant smile to his face when he receives it. Be sure to give it to him before or on Valentine’s Day to make it a special night. After all, Valentine’s Day is a day of love, devotion and matters of the heart.

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