Tuesday, September 5, 2017

How to keep in touch after high school

Whether you just graduated high school this year or even graduated a few years ago. There are ways to stay friends with those great friends you made in high school. Even if you graduated a few years ago and want to keep those friendships going there are three small things you can do to keep those friendships in tact.

If you are wanting to keep in touch with your high school friends then just take an active approach and try these three examples; social networking, emailing, and the old fashioned yet over looked, phone call. These three simple things will not only help you keep in touch but may also strengthen your friendships in the long run

One of the most common and newest trends now to keep in touch with high school friends is simply social networking. Sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and Google+ are great ways to start with keeping in touch. For example, now a lot of people are getting back together through Facebook and the find friends search tools. Not only can you look up people in your neighborhood but you can find people from your school as well.

Besides social networking there is of course the option of old fashion phones and text. By getting your classmates phone numbers there is the option to text or call at any time. Calling is an easy way to keep in touch because it's personal and something that a person can do at any time.

While texting and social networking are ways to stay connected you can also try emailing each other. While emailing may seem like it is outdated, it is a nice way to keep in touch as well. By giving an e-mail not only are you sharing words with your friends but you are able to say more then you may be able to in a text as well as in a phone call. Sometimes it's easier to get it out in words.

As you can see there are some simple ways to keep friends after high school and keep in touch with them. With a little bit of effort from both ends the friendships will stay in tact to a point. If the friend has moved away then these simple procedures are important to the relationship and keeping it in tact. Just remember with little effort things can stay the same and the friend will be there through it all.

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