Saturday, May 13, 2017

e.l.f. cosmetics hydrating bubble mask review

I recieved this product from #influenster!
Recently I recieved a product from Inluenster to try out and give some feedback of my own opinions. All of these opinions of course are my own, and let's be real... who would want to phony up some stuff about a product? That's just silly!

Now, on to the real stuff. Below is pictured my product just as I received it. I'm of course the one who opened it in the first place to see how I could make the thing work. It was a really easy process opening the packaging, took about 10 seconds. Once I unsealed it, the lid pops off to be able to pump out the mask. So cool! Love how easy it was ti dispense the soap onto my hand and then apply to my face.

Simply press down for it to come out. YAY
When it comes to the application of the hydrating bubble mask, let me tell you the truth; it gets a little messy from here until your face is covered in cleanser. So, I had to squeeze down a few times before I was finally able to have enough to cover my entire face. I'm not sure if it is just the dispenser I recieved or whether they all pump this way! So hopefully mine was a fluke.

Needless to say it started to foam up once the oxygen hit the product. In order to keep my pump working with ease, I simply wiped it down with a wet wash cloth. You could use paper towels as well. No mater what, this helped me keep it from clogging and actually it seemed to reduce the soap density allowing it to pump with ease

According to the directions on the hydrating bubble mask from e.l.f. we are to keep it on for about 10 minutes or until the bubbles have dissipated. In this case, mine took about 5 minutes before my face felt tingly, and then it started to really tingle. I imagine the tingle is a great "clean" sensation to some, but for me I found it to be itchy. Much like other masks, perhaps that means my skin is a little sensitive, even to this product. Darn my fair skin!

Once it was done disapating, I was to wash my face with a damp rag. I chose to use warm instead of hot rag. I don't like to steam my face after using a mask so I tend to go warm to luke warm. Sometimes I even go with a simple cold rag. The cold rag is always followed after I use a hot rag regardless. This allows my pores to cool and leaves me feeling twice as refreshe

Oh snap, I look like a marshmallow.
The instructions and the word around on the internet is I'm to feel refined, soothed, and silky and shiny. Over all, I did. My face came out very bright and I felt way more relaxed after using this product. All in all, I give this product a wonderful 10/10 for the cleaning aspect and a 8/10 for the feel. I loved the bubbling effect but did not enjoy the tingling itchy sensation. To each their own.... some might like it, but it's not for me.

I would definitely recomend this bubble mask to a friend! I hope that you too will give this lovely bubble mask a try. E.l.f. also has a wide variety of other products on their website and throughout stores everywhere. Locally, people in Reno Nevada and the Sparks area can travel to their local Forever 21 and find some e.l.f. products.

This concludes my review on the bubblemask from e.lf. I hope you enjoyed it! Check out my Influenster for more. Not an influencer, join today!


Feeling brand new and refreshed! Thanks #elfcosmetics

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