Thursday, October 2, 2014

How to Decorate Dorm Rooms for Valentines Day

Decorating a college dorm room that is appealing to everyone might sound like a challenge to some, but with this how to guide on decorating a dorm for Valentine’s Day, it will come with ease and seem like it took no effort at all.

*Take Inventory*
Look at what you already have in the room or in your closet for possible valentine’s decorations. You might find that you have a teddy bear with hearts, or some left over red streamers from a party you hosted for Christmas left over. These are perfect items to use around the wall to decorate. Streamers can be used to drape from the ceiling in a pattern. This can add a fun effect to the roof of the dorm room. Of course if you have a tall roommate it might be better to make these streamers hang close to the ceiling.

*Dollar stores*
The Dollar Tree and other dollar stores may have a variety of different Valentines decorations to be purchased for a low price of one dollar. Usually the dollar tree has wall stickers that have hearts, and love sayings or quotes on them. These are often found in the home accessories aisle. Also a common decoration there for Valentine’s Day are window clings. These are often using characters from Winnie the pooh and other cartoon characters like Mickey and Minnie mouse with hearts and love sayings too. These are fun things that can be used for the walls and the windows for decorating the dorm room this Valentine’s day.

*Decorative Pillows*
This is something that can be done with ease for Valentine’s Day. Not only is it common that there are a variety of heart shaped pillows but often red and pink matching set throw pillows can be found. Valentine’s Day decorations do not need to be limited to the windows, ceilings and walls anymore. Decorate your dorm room with colors of red, pink and lilac to add a beautiful array of color for this Valentine’s Day.

*Valentine’s Day cards*
Another way to decorate the dorm room for Valentine’s Day is by cutting out old Valentine’s Day cards and putting them together in a photo album on the coffee table. Another option is to take the old valentine’s day cards and put them around on the desk and tape them to the back of the door with double sided tape to make a photo collage.

If you are still completely confused on how exactly to throw it all together, ask your roommate for their ideas, or find more here from Linda Ann Nickerson and Krystie Bohmer here.

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