Saturday, October 4, 2014

How to have a Stress Free Christmas

Christmas time is full of gift wrapping, the exchange of gifts and holiday spirit. While this is true, sometimes stress can come with the holiday and people can forget that there are ways to avoid this from happening. Stress doesn’t have to take over your life during the Christmas season; it can be pushed aside and avoided with a few tips.

Whip out the coupons before buying Christmas presents for friends and family. With the wide array of sales that is almost always going on during the season coupons are often in newspapers, weekly advertisements and of course found on the internet. Whether it is buying the items for presents or for things such as baking necessities, can be a great place to pick up printable coupons online.

Another tip to avoid holiday stress is to print your own address labels. These labels can be made up on an excel worksheet, or word document. By creating your labels this way and saving them on to the computer you have them to access at any time of the year. Pick label sheets up from an office department store such as Staples to make sure you have the correct sized labels needed for your printer.

Printing labels out this way will help create less stress for Christmas presents to be sent out via mail, as well as not having to hand write addresses on Christmas cards to be sent.

Wrap the presents purchased the same day they are bought to avoid holding off until the last minute to wrap Christmas presents. This will help keep the gifts organized and wrapped so they are ready to be put underneath the tree. If the gift is for a secret Santa or a gift exchange, this is also a wonderful way to avoid stress for those types of events.

Have emergency gifts for extra guests such as boxes of chocolate. There can be unexpected guests at Christmas dinners and parties sometimes, or someone may have forgotten to bring a gift for the exchange. If you find this is the case something as kind and delicious as a box of chocolates can work perfectly. It is something that people can enjoy, eat, and not feel guilty about taking as it was a gift.

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