Tuesday, December 30, 2014

No Good Deed

"No Good Deed" Movie Review

“No Good Deed” stars Idris Elba as Colin Evans, who is up for parole after spending five years in a Knoxville prison for killing a man in a bar fight gone bad. Even though Evans is in front of the parole board offering his changed and reformed behavior, a board member does not believe his story. The board member goes on to bring up five women that he allegedly murdered, to throw in his face a man like him is with the likes of Jeffrey Dahmer. 

While on his way back to Knoxville, he is annoyed with his denial, and fakes a nose bleed to get the attention of the guards. After receiving ‘help’ from the guard he overruns them and states to let him go and he won’t do anything to hurt them. While at first cooperative, the guard appears to pull a gun, and is killed and he escapes without a trace on a mission to see his fiancé, who unbeknownst to him, has moved on. In what becomes a gruesome confrontation, the man takes his fiances life, and moves onwards to another particular mission, which is not shared with viewers for the majority of the film.

With a terrible storm hitting the town, he tries to speed through and escape across state line. Unfortunately after a brief run in with a slippery road, he finds himself on the door step of Terri (Taraji P. Henson), a former prosecutor, who is not a stay at home mom who worries her husband (Henry Simmons) is no longer in love with her. While she worries, that’s nothing too much to deal with once her husband is gone off to a trip for his Father’s birthday. By being alone, not only is she vulnerable to the storm, but now there is a strange man at the door asking to use her phone. 

While most who watch any thriller movie or horror flick know, this is one thing you don’t do. You never let the stranger use the phone, or leave the door open accidentally so they can slip on into the house. However, of course, this does happen. Soon Colin reveals his true colors and “No Good Deed” takes a compelling twist in to a much darker road.

Director Sam Miller and screenwriter Aimee Lagos bring a wonderful take on the home invasion thriller. While there are the main characters in the cat and mouse, a beautiful, and confident best friends comes in to the mix. Leslie Bibb offers a fun character that brings a little more fun into the chase. 

Personally I feel that this movie did well for the type of genre it falls in to. I enjoyed watching the entire film from beginning to end. There wasn’t a point where I was bored, or wishing it would end. It was towards the end that I got incredibly intrigued as it all came together. I was shocked and did not see that ending coming at all. As far as I’m concerned this movie gets an 8/10 from The O’Malley Review.

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