Tuesday, December 16, 2014

V/H/S: Viral (2014) Movie Review

V/H/S: VIRAL movie trailer

V/H/S: Viral Movie Review

Much as the trailer says, we learned all about the V/H/S series through their first film V/H/S (2012). Next the creators brought the second film, V/H/S/2 leading us into the third installement of the film, V/H/S: Viral.

As a person who could be considered a fan of horror and of course a proud member of RHS, I find this movie to be a complete mess. The first two films were awesome. They were done well enough that you could follow the sub stories and it made sense. This last one, there are suppose to be three different stories again, but these ones are so completely jumbled you're left with a thousand questions at the end. Why? Who and How?

Without giving away too much of the film, I can say that the most intriguing part of the film was the ice cream truck that was involved in a car chase and"Dante the Great" from the first sequence. Dante is a magician who finds a magical cape and gets extreme powers and goes mad. This segment is not only interesting but the acting is awful. So there's a magician, an ice cream truck and a bunch of kids on skateboards who come across some wicked findings. Some of it was interesting, but not enough to even please Ebert.

Like Ebert I couldn't really find myself wanting to follow along with the film,or even finish the dreary storyline and try and make sense of it. But alas, while I didn't want to stick it out, I did, and I am glad I did. I can now for sure, say this movie wasn't worth my time. I am sadly disappointed with it, and how the directors conducted it. I don't know if they were drunk or what, but it was awful.

Now, while I might be saying it is an awful movie, my friend who watched it with me not seeing the first two, also felt it was a part of our lives we couldn't get back. I told him trying to defend them at first the first two in the V/H/S series were great, but he didn't believe me after seeing the third. Hopefully he and my readers can all agree to watch the first two before sitting down and watching the third.

Here at the O'Malley Review, I'm giving it a solid 3/10. It had some decent effects and taught me a lesson that internet fame isn't everything. Otherwise, I'm stuck with a let down and some time out of my life on this film. Sorry V/H/S directors, I'm disappoint.

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  1. Excellent update on what is happening by giving the link to the official trailer for V/H/S: VIRAL 2014. I'd have to bring a stocking cap so I could put it over my eyes during the scary parts.

    1. Yes, it really does look like an excellent movie. I'll be watching it tonight and putting up my review.


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