Monday, May 23, 2016

A Girl Like Her (2015) Movie Review

 Movie Review

Bullying has become something so unbelievably sad and increasingly popular among teenagers throughout the years, especially as technology has grown. In the movie "A Girl Like Her," there is an ominous feeling as viewers watch the story of a girl, who attempts suicide as a result of being bullied by another young girl. 


While the movie is a variety of footage between a hidden camera and a documentary feel, this film gives an almost eerie feeling. Amy S. Weber did a job well done with the realism behind some of the movies darker scenes. Much like the very first scene in which we met Jessica Burns (Lexi Ainsworth), a young sophomore student, she opens a medicine cabinet and takes a large amount of pain killers. This scene told from Jessica's point of view, is decieving as the true shot is from a pin she's wearing concealing a tiny camera. 

Why do you ask is Jessica wearing a camera? Viewers learn that six months earlier Brian (Jimmy Bennett) is given this as a way to document her bullying. Much to her first concerns, she continues to wear the pin. Through flashbacks and hidden footage, viewers get a look into the dark secrets that she has hidden from the world. 

With more time throughout the film, viewers meet a reporter who is trying to get deep down and find out the truth behind this attempted suicide.  Working with every single angle a director can, there is no point where this film seems as if it's not documented or captured through the found footage. Visually it was done well, and mixed together nicely. 

The truth is, this is a deeply impacting film. It will make you think about the times you may have seen bullying and not done anything. It might even make you rethink some of the ways you talk to your kids about the subject. Bullying is not something that can be easily forgotten, for those who do make it out of high school 'alive.'

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  1. It takes a special person to portray a bully victim so convincingly. It's shameful that bullying has been going on since the beginning of man and is still so common. Thanks for the review of this timely movie.