Thursday, May 12, 2016

Hush (2015) Movie Review

When it comes to scary movies as of late, there is a reoccurring trend going on with house invasions, and serial killers lurking outside. Hush (2016) is not one of those films.  This film brings a different perspective to the welcomed home invasion sub genre.

Viewers are going to follow the story of Maddie (Kate Siegel), who is living on her own in a secluded home. While this might seem quite strange in itself, our story goes a bit deeper, Maddie is a deaf-mute writer. Though this film features a deaf-mute there is much more to the story and it's unbelievably amazing sound. In the beginning scenes, we meet Maddie as she's cooking dinner. The chop of the vegetables, the eggs cracking, the sound of the pan sizzling, it's all there. 

During the first scene we also meet Maddie's neighbor Sarah (Samantha Sloyan - Penny on #GreysAnatomy). The two have a brief visit and talk about how secluded she is, and how she hopes they'll see each other soon. Unfortunately, they won't be seeing each other again. Shortly after Sarah leaves, viewers see Sara screaming and pounding on the glass door, begging for help. Unfortunately, Maddie is unable to help, as she can't hear her. Little does Maddie know, she has a lot coming for her with the madman (John Gallagher Jr) running around with a crossbow!

Fascinated by his new victim, he begins to taunt Maddie trying to get her attention. While to him, she may be deaf, but he is in for a surprise when he also learns she is a fighter. These two begin to have a very interesting game of cat and mouse amongst themselves. Who will be able to survive? Viewers will be intrigued with Maddie's thought process as she maneuvers herself throughout the rest of the night. 

While Hush, might not be everyone's cup of tea, it sure was mine. I absolutely loved the story line, the way it was filmed, and of course the fact that it kept me paying attention. I believe that many viewers will find themselves falling in love with this gem of a film.


  1. Great review. I loved how Maddie was no pushover and she had a slick strategy to combat the intruder.

    - Zach

    1. That was one of the thing that intrigued me mostly about this film. Not to mention her inner voice.

    2. The inner voice has a lot of power. Good strategy is important.

  2. It's amazing how certain movies bring a different perspective on how to deal with surprises. Maddie has a positive outlook that helps her through the problems in her own life and around the neighborhood.