Thursday, July 2, 2015

MTV's Scream TV Show Review

As a fan of horror movies I have to say that I was a little bit on the fence with this series. I was somewhat excited and then again somewhat worried they would ruin the Scream franchise.

After giving the Scream pilot a chance, I can say that I feel really excited about where the series will go from its pilot episode. Not only was I intrigued by the story, but I had to keep watching.

The show did follow a lot of the Scream movies plots and subplots. It has the same mysterious voice on the phone, but with a twist of modern technology with texting and video chats.

Hats off to writers for making the one joke about modern technology and voice command, Siri, is not often that smart.  Without giving too much away, let's just say I don't think that Siri is a good idea when an emergency strikes.

I found myself loving the show and I am so excited for the next Scream, Season 1 Episode 2.

NO CABLE?? No Problem.

Not sure if this is your type of show? 
Watch the preview below!


  1. That tongue in cheek comment about Siri is much on the order of Spock. Thanks for the great review about the potential of Scream's new series!

  2. i agree.....not a fan of mtv shows at all.....I'm a 26 yr old male........but i too felt intrigued by the show and i can't wait to see what happens as the season progresses! i think the one who stands out most is Noah aka the nerd. dude does n amazing job. his lesbian(or bi-curious) friend Audrey also does a good job, but id say Noah is the main attraction in the show and id be very disappointed if he got killed. anyway, i hope mtv sticks with it because i think itll get better and more popular the longer they keep it around.